Amazonia 1985 DVDRip Morsan

kencho wangdi
hai..... any one wants to marry me....
Lova Sari
why she not married with him... crying
Amar Dutta
Asror Allayarov
Just perfect. I liked
Margus Waffa
not sure about that movie besides also showing the dark spirits that had 
posessed some of the tribes but there was like some other tribe people 
still from the real spiritual side and them look to far off for the white 
people as well, something like that? ... that we was able to realte to the 
sabage side of the beast but the spiritual side and god is to far from our 
mind  by  to releate?
When did you look your wife and women in this earth spiritually ?
nghia le huu
phjm nham ghe vay chopi
Armando Sá
Schiave bianche: violenza in Amazzonia
maciej Stanisłwski
Zajebisty film. Szkoda że teraz nie powstają takie arcydzieł. Bergman, 
Fellini, Wajda i oczywiście Zanussi mogli by się uczyć od autora tego 
wielkiego dzieła :D
john venrick
I liked it. It demonstrates how sheltered most of modern humanity is in the 
concrete jungle. Living as part of the food chain is quite a different way 
of thinking when that is all that is your perspective.
Carsali Santoro
nice movie makes you think why dont people just leave the so called 
"savages' ALONE! the savages are the people who came to their land
Jameel 21
I want to make love with girls.can? will I?
Great movie wth a great story & sound track… I loved it and thanks to who 
uploaded such fantastic film:-D… five stars:-D
Mau Kha
pim ko hay gj het
Satish Kamble
It is every good
Aasish sharma
very good movie
Nash Bits
I watched this movie in 1993 when i was 15. i have watched it again 20 
years later and its just superb coz it has made me cry. Actually in real 
life Catherine Miles passed away a couple of years back. Thanx for the 
Jānis Stiprais
Old movies are more interesting than new ones.
Hector Martinez
Even with all the gruesomeness (which is the reason I watched it) it turned 
out to be a nice and peculiar love story as well
joshw amisi
Really good film