The Meek HumbleOne
39:53 Mimosa was not a bad strategist and tactician himself, quite a 
zana samehada
amazing mimosa i like his character 
Rafa Cassanova
@TheCelestialMEMkayah you're right about lady sukyoung i would of forgot 
all about chulin for her.....drop dead gorgeous
The Meek HumbleOne
WOW, from 26:46 forward, I would have been on my knees begging King Bojang 
for his neice Lady Sukyoung from the first time I knew I had his favor were 
I Dae Joyoung back then; and how could he not notice that she's in love 
with him? Oh yeah, he probably still had Chulin on his mind, she must have 
really put it on him. At any rate, Lady Sukyoung would have been more than 
enough to make me forget all about Chulin. 
The Meek HumbleOne
They love that word "bastard(s)", and there are all kinds of them, and it 
is also interesting that the word "Momma" is a title of royalty, 
distinction, and honor for the females in the royal bloodline.
The Meek HumbleOne
From 44:04 Although they had no choice under the circumstances, the way 
they conducted their charity is a perfect example of Matthews Chapter 6:2 & 
4: "Therefore when thou doest thine Alms, do not sound a trumpet before 
thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets (and some 
TV shows), that they may have the glory of men. That thine Alms may be in 
secret: and thy Father which sees in secret himself shall reward thee 
openly (some words omitted to fit the verses here).